Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

Website Features For Ring Designs

by Isabelle Hall

Designing a jewelry website may have unique hurdles that are not applicable to other niche websites. For example, small details and the ability to make visitors see what the piece will look like on the recipient's hand is the most important feature. Several website elements can make it easier to appease visitors. 

Online Custom Design Tools

One of the most attractive features your website can have is the ability for visitors to create a custom ring from home. Most ring design tools allow people to start their customization by beginning with the stone or the setting. When visitors start designing their ring around the stone, they will need different stone options, such as diamonds or other precious gems, and then they'll select the shape of the main stone. There may be infinite numbers of settings available, many of which may require accent stones. The tool should allow visitors to select the precious metal they want for the setting. Another option for customization might be creating a similar ring for their partner for a wedding set, or a matching set for the engagement ring and wedding ring.


Picking the right ring can be difficult for people because they may have other concerns beyond the aesthetic of the ring. For example, many people may be concerned about how the ring will look on their hand, especially if they have slim hands or larger ring sizes. Including suggestions can help someone narrow their range of options. People with larger hands may desire a ring that makes their hand look slimmer, which might call for a thicker band, larger main stone, or a more elaborate setting.

The precious metal for the setting may be important for people who want something that will complement their skin tone. Yellow gold often works well for people with a warm undertone, whereas white gold or silver complements cooler skin tones. As part of creating suggestions, it may be helpful to include example hands that match the recipient, such as people with larger or smaller hands as well as a range of skin tones and undertones. This will make it easier to visualize what the ring might look like on the recipient.

3D Renderings

Much like the trend in real estate, visitors will appreciate a 3D rendering of the rings available. Rings you currently have in stock can be videoed in a manner that allows the viewer to see the ring at all angles. When people customize rings, this can be a little more challenging. You will need software that can convert the customized ring into a 3D rendering of what the ring will look like. Ideally, you will use software that will be more than a simple diagram of what the ring will be. Modern software programs are capable of creating a realistic portrayal of what the ring will look like all around and in whatever colors were chosen by the designer.

Rings are the most commonly customized pieces of jewelry, making it ideal for jewelers to give visitors easy access to customization tools on their website. The easier it is for visitors to create their ideal ring, the more likely they will want to purchase from your store.

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