Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

Should You Go For A Skull And Crossbones Design?

by Isabelle Hall

A variation you might see when looking for a silver skull ring is the skull and crossbones. The bones will either be behind the skull or under it; in either case, this is a very deliberate choice if you buy and wear it. The skull and crossbones has an accepted meaning that will telegraph to others a specific image of yourself. It isn't bad, but do understand the meaning behind it, because that will also help you choose a particular design.

An Air of Danger

The skull and crossbones is a well-known symbol of danger. You see it on cartoon poison bottles, real-life warning signs, and other places when something is so dangerous that it could be fatal. If you wear a skull and crossbones, you're telling people, visually, that you are dangerous and that you're not afraid of danger yourself.

Of course, if you have a sense of humor, you could look for a skull and crossbones ring that parodies the idea of danger. Maybe the ring has one of those old cartoon characters on it, referencing one of those cartoon poison bottles, or maybe the symbol itself is exaggerated.

A Realization of Mortality

The skull and crossbones also signifies acknowledgment of mortality. You know one day you'll die, and you're at peace with that. (To an extent, of course.) You can look for some very stylish skull rings that mimic what you might see in an old graveyard, where the symbol was often used on tombstones.

A Tribute to the Military

A number of military regiments have used the skull and crossbones as their symbol, and if you have an interest in a certain period of military history, a skull ring that has crossbones in the same style might be an interesting item to have. Just be aware that you don't want to make it look like you have a connection to those regiments unless your family actually does. For example, if you served in a Navy unit that used a skull and crossbones as a symbol, you have a reason to wear the ring. But you don't want to imply that you were part of that group if you really had no connection.

A Very Real "Catching" Risk

Do be aware of how the crossbones are placed. If the ends are raised, they could catch on clothing and other items. Sometimes the design is smooth enough to not be an issue, but if the ends have a noticeable amount of "bone" that is separated from the top of the ring band's surface, you'll have to take care.

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