Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

Two Misconceptions About Wedding Bands

by Isabelle Hall

Here are some common misconceptions about wedding bands.

Misconception: The two rings have to match

Many couples who need to buy wedding bands assume that they have to choose identical ones. In reality, whilst some couples like to have matching bands, there is nothing wrong with people taking a different approach. For example, if one person's style is totally different from their significant other's style (for instance, if they like understated, small pieces of jewelry and their partner loves chunky, sparkly designs), then it would be difficult for the two of them to agree on a wedding band that they would both be ok with wearing for decades, and as such, the best course of action would be for each of them to get a wedding band that suits their style.

If people in this situation feel a little sad about how different their bands are, they can always customize them so that they share one similar feature. For example, in the above-mentioned situation, they could have a jewelry-maker break up a large pearl and embed one tiny piece of it in the understated ring and attach the larger chunk to the ring of the person who prefers bolder-looking jewelry.

If a couple doesn't have completely opposing tastes in jewelry but they still want different wedding bands, there is another solution; they can opt for variations of the same wedding band. For example, if one person prefers gold jewelry and their other half likes silver, they could order a wedding band that is available in both of these metals.

Misconception: People must always wear their wedding bands on their fingers

Many couples also think that after they've gotten married, they must wear their wedding bands on their fingers at all times. In reality, for many people, it's just not feasible to wear a wedding band on their finger most of the time. For example, for surgeons, chefs and factory workers, it can be impractical or hazardous to wear any jewelry on their hands. For these individuals, it can often be worth finding an alternative way to wear this jewelry.

For example, if a person cannot wear a ring but can wear a wrist-watch, they could have a custom watch made, which incorporates their wedding ring into the watch's face. Alternatively, they could attach their wedding band to a bracelet or a necklace. This would allow them to keep this precious jewelry close by at all times, but it would also still allow them to work without a ring getting in their way.

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