Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

How To Pull Off The Asymmetrical Earring Trend

by Isabelle Hall

2020 has plenty of interesting fashion and jewelry trends from over-sized necklaces and chains to the return of charm bracelets. One interesting trend making a splash is the asymmetrical earring trend. This involves only wearing one earring or wearing one statement earring and a second, more subtle earring in the opposite ear. If you're intrigued by this uneven look, check out some tips for pulling it off below. 

Go Bold With Your Statement Piece

Like most jewelry trends, asymmetrical earrings only work if you fully commit to the style. This means your larger earring should be a larger, showy earring. If you opt for a small earring, it may look more like you forgot to put in the matching earring rather than like you are making a statement. For a statement earring, consider something that dangles to the shoulder, is bright and flashy, or even a heavy clip-on. The trick is you want your single earring to draw attention to your face. 

Pair It With an Asymmetrical Outfit or Hairstyle 

To make your look feel more cohesive, you can pair your asymmetrical earring with an asymmetrical outfit or hairstyle. For example, you may choose to wear a skirt longer on the opposite side of your statement earring. Or have a long sleeve on the opposite side and a spaghetti strap on the same side. For your hair, you don't have to commit to an asymmetrical cut. Just sweeping up and pinning back the hair around the statement earring can make your look appear more intentional. 

Match Your Earrings Thematically 

Another way you can make your look come together with intention is to create a theme throughout your outfit. For example, you may choose a cosmic look with a dark blue or black outfit and sun, moon, and star jewelry. Your statement earring could be a large moon or even a constellation of stars. Or you can have a nautical theme with a large anchor earring and a smaller fish-shaped stud in your other ear. Thematic outfits get more interesting by adding a statement piece and can help blend your statement piece into your overall look. 

The most important tip for pulling off an asymmetrical statement earring is to make sure you love the piece. This is not the time to upcycle your old earrings. Instead, treat yourself to a new earring that will make you feel beautiful and confident no matter how you wear it. 

For more tips on wearing or buying jewelry, reach out to a local jewelry store.


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