Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

Are You Looking for Antique Jewelry for Your Granddaughter's Graduation Gift?

by Isabelle Hall

Maybe you know that your granddaughter is receiving practical items for her graduation gifts. For instance, she might be receiving things like luggage for college and money for upcoming college expenses. With that in mind, maybe you have decided to give your granddaughter something that is not practical at all. Instead, your gift will be a very special reminder of her high school graduation. In addition, receiving a sentimental gift will remind her of how much you cherish her.

Think about buying your granddaughter antique jewelry that will become heirloom pieces. Read on for some ideas that might turn out to be the perfect graduation gift.

Look for Antique Jewelry - Try buying one-of-a-kind antique jewelry pieces that your granddaughter won't find in a regular jewelry store.

  • For instance, look for a hand-painted brooch that your granddaughter can wear with lacy blouses or on dressy jackets.
  • Another idea is to buy an antique gold-plated pocket watch. Give her a pretty gold chain as well so she can wear the pocket watch as a necklace.
  • A delicate antique ring with a gemstone as the focal point would also be a very appropriate graduation gift.
  • Maybe your granddaughter has a faux pearl necklace. Consider getting her a string of real pearls that she can wear on graduation day. Later she might wear them on her wedding day.

Arrange for Antique Jewelry Services - Maybe you'll find exactly the right piece of antique jewelry, but it will need repairs. Look for a professional repair person who has the experience and the training to work on antique jewelry. 

  • For example, if you buy the hand-painted brooch, maybe you don't feel that the clasp is safe. In that case, a professional repair person can replace the clasp with a more secure one.
  • The hinge on the gold-plated pocket watch might be weak. Having the hinge repaired should be a very simple procedure.
  • Is the antique ring the wrong size? If so, don't pass it up. The repairperson will size it correctly without damaging it.
  • The pearls might need to be cleaned. Instead of doing that job yourself, have the cleaning done by a professional. 

Present your granddaughter's graduation gift in a special way. For instance, a beautiful jewelry box would be a wonderful gift. Have her open one of the compartments in the jewelry box to find the antique jewelry piece you bought for her. Another idea is to place the gift in a hand-embroidered jewelry bag. 

To learn more, contact a seller of antique jewelry near you.


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Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

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