Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

Ready To Propose? Tips For Selecting The Perfect Ring

by Isabelle Hall

So you've met the girl of your dreams, you can't imagine life without her, and you're ready to propose—congratulations!  A proposal will likely be one of the most memorable and romantic experiences of your life, but first, you need a ring.  Choosing an engagement ring can be a baffling experience for most men, but luckily, you have some resources at your disposal.  Follow these tips, and your selection will be sure to delight her on that special day.

Talk to her family and friends

Oftentimes, the ones most familiar with your girlfriend's taste are the ones who raised her or grew up with her.  It's quite possible that she's gushed over friend's engagement rings to her sister, or peeked in jewelry store windows with her best friend, pointing out her favorites.  Even if she hasn't specifically mentioned what she'd like in an engagement ring, friends and family can be invaluable when it comes to weighing in on your significant other's personal style.  

So if you're comfortable asking, pick one or two people she's closest to and ask them to accompany you to the jeweler.  They'll likely offer some useful insight!

Ask your jeweler for help

Jewelry professionals are very experienced in this subject and have helped many men select the perfect engagement ring.  They will assist you in finding rings that suit your budget, and if you give them a few key hints about your girlfriend's personality, they'll be able to help you find one that suits her style as well.  If she's a romantic old soul, the jeweler may direct you to vintage-inspired rings.  Your jeweler might offer some more avant-garde options for fashion-forward brides.  Give your best description of her, and your jeweler will use that inspiration to aid in your selection.

Stick to current trends

If you're still lost as to what kind of ring to buy, a safe bet is to choose a style that's en vogue.  Some of the most popular trends among engagement rings today are princess-cut center diamonds, "halo" engagement rings (rings with a delicate circle of diamonds around the main diamond), and ornate vintage-style pieces.  Platinum or white gold bands are also very popular. 

Or, just let her do it!

If all else fails and you're truly in the dark, you may decide to buy a "place holder" ring.  This may even be the best option if you have a particularly choosy girlfriend.  In this scenario, you simply purchase an inexpensive cubic zirconia ring (you can pick one up for as little as $10) so that you have something to put on her finger at the proposal.  After she says yes, take her shopping and let her pick out her own dream engagement ring!  That way, you can be sure she's getting exactly what she wants.

Getting engaged can be a nerve-wracking time in life, but following these tips to ring selection should ease some of the stress.  Remember to relax, and try have fun with it. Good luck!


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Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

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