Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

How To Build Your Small Craft Business

by Isabelle Hall

Has your dream of owning your own craft business finally come true? All the licenses and other logistic details are finally behind you and you can now concentrate on building your business. From classes to the beads you carry, here are some ideas that will help you be successful.

Offer Unique Items - You already know that your customers can walk into huge craft stores and buy a pretty great assortment of goods. For that reason, concentrate on items that they're not likely to find as readily in those stores. Buy ceramic beads from France, wooden beads from Africa, stone beads from different countries in South America, hand-painted clay and pottery beads from Mexico and glass beads from Italy. Also, buy hand-crafted beads from providers right here in the United States. Swarovski rhinestones will be a big draw for your customers who want elegant, high end beads they can use in jewelry making and to enhance other forms of crafts. Be sure and offer a wide variety of colors and sizes so that your customers will have the assurance that they can walk right into your place of business and find just what they needed. whether it's one particular crystal or several of them. A wholesaler, like, can help you find unique offerings.

Offer Intriguing Classes - Of course, art stores and craft stores all offer classes, so you'll have to be creative in the ones you offer at your store. Besides hiring professional artists to teach your classes, think of asking your own customers to teach. For example, if you know that one of your customers embellishes his or her oil paintings with Swarovski rhinestones, ask that artist to demonstrate his or her techniques. Another great idea is to have a session where your customers bring their pieces and get ideas from each other. If you have created one-of-a-kind art work, your customers would love to hear from you, too.

Your Displays - You are aware already that backgrounds and lighting are extremely important in the way you display your merchandise. Think creatively as you display your merchandise. For example, line up a variety of extremely elegant high heels and place a single Swarovski rhinestone right on the tip of the toe of the shoe. Another idea is to spray an inverted muffin tin with your favorite color of paint and place a stunning Swarovski bead on each section. Paint a rolling pin the same color and place individual beads across the top of it. Now add a sign with a clever message like, "A woman's place isn't always in the kitchen."

Don't forget to have a suggestion box available to your customers. You're likely to get great ideas from them, too.


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Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

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