Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

A Quick Guide To Choosing The Right Materials For Trendy Fashion Jewelry

by Isabelle Hall

If you love the idea of wearing trendy fashion jewelry but think you should avoid it due to your sensitivities, you will be relieved to know that the materials to avoid and what you can use. As part of that, it is useful to consider that the usability of your new jewelry can often be impacted by the materials that the pieces contain. Fortunately, by applying the following tips when shopping for jewelry, you are much more likely to be able to enjoy your acquisitions for many years.

Avoid Cheap Jewelry With Inferior Materials

It is first important to remember that affordable jewelry does not have to look cheap. Sales and clearance pieces are a great way to fill up your jewelry box and will often be made of quality materials that will not fall apart or cause allergic reactions.

Unfortunately, that is not always true, especially for the jewelry that sells for just a few dollars from the very beginning. As discussed below, the possibility of an allergic reaction to cheap materials is significant and knowing what to avoid is crucial.

Here's Why You Should Avoid Nickel And Latex In Your Jewelry

The symptoms of a nickel allergy include irritated, red or itchy skin. Nickel allergies plague about 10% of the population and can provoke an immediate reaction, or its symptoms may appear after repeated exposure. Therefore, you should not assume that because you have previously worn jewelry made primarily or exclusively of nickel, you can continue to do so.

In addition, latex is often used as an aspect of non-metallic jewelry. Latex allergies affect about 3 million people in the general population in the United States, and its symptoms can be mild, like minor skin irritation or severe, such as trouble breathing or hives. Like nickel, it could cause a quick reaction or only appear after you have come into contact with it numerous times, so it is best to avoid latex in your jewelry as well.

#-Consider Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is an affordable material that is often an ideal choice for anyone with sensitive skin. It is important to note that although stainless steel typically contains nickel, chromium and carbon, its unique construction uses the nickel in such a way that it will not leak out. As a result, it will not prompt an allergic reaction for people sensitive to nickel.

Another bonus is that it is resistant to rust and very sturdy. That means that assuming it fits you well, you may not need to take off a ring made of stainless steel every time that you wash dishes or shower.

In conclusion, trendy fashion jewelry is not something that has to be relegated to the back of your jewelry box in a few months, like out-of-date clothing in your closet, when you know how to choose the right pieces. By asking the right questions while shopping for your new jewelry, you can be sure that it can be admired for years, while still being fashionable today.


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Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

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