Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

How to Know The Signs Of Authenticity When Buying Vintage Jewelry

by Isabelle Hall

If you love the look of vintage jewelry, than you may want to visit estate sales to find unique, one-of-a-kind antique pieces. If you aren't a jeweler or if you lack an eye for authenticity, there are some ways to help determine if what you are looking at is worth the cost. Some things to look for in estate jewels and finds include:

A hallmark.

A hallmark is the distinctive motif or monogram of the person crafting the piece of jewelry. These were common in pieces prior to the 50s, but should not be the only means of authenticating the jewelry as vintage or valuable. Some famed jewelers have a distinctive hallmark that is widely recognizable, such as Tiffany or Cartier.

The stone.

Check out the condition of the stone before buying. Is it cloudy or cracked? True diamonds are hard and durable; chips or cracks can be indicative of a stone that is not a real diamond. Get a second opinion about the authenticity of stones when buying precious gems, either from another jeweler or appraiser.

The cost.

If the price is too good to be true, it likely is. Check the going rate for gold, silver, or platinum, and research comparable pieces online before making a substantial purchase. Typically, merchants are open to haggling, so ask if the tag reflects the lowest possible cash price when you are serious about buying a jewelry item.

The seller

Know from whom you are buying whenever possible. Check out online reviews and customer feedback to determine if this is a reputable vendor. Also, ask about warranties or satisfaction guarantees offered by the merchant, and be sure that the seller offers a grace period to return the piece if you should change your mind about the purchase.

The patina.

Patina refers to the finish or tarnish of a piece. Aged or vintage pieces will display a bit of patina all over; if the piece is marketed as being vintage and it lacks patina, something is wrong. Either the item has been restored or it is not an antique, precious piece.

Before you dish out your hard-earned money for a jewelry item that you spot at an estate sale or area pawn shop, consider some of the ways to determine the authenticity of the piece. Check out the seller online, and do some homework regarding their customer satisfaction rating. Reputable merchants may give you a grace period in which you may return the item, if you should change your mind or want your money back. Visit a jewelry store like Rhonda's Jewelry today.


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Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

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