Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

Choosing Gorgeous Jewelry

Choosing A Conflict-Free Engagement Ring

by Isabelle Hall

As the everlasting symbol of your love for each other, your diamond engagement ring presents an opportunity to show the world the depth of your commitment to each other. This special piece of jewelry should stand for everything that is good about your relationship, so you might want to take a few easy steps to ensure that your diamond is not a blood diamond. You may have heard the term "conflict" or "blood diamond," but never actually fully understood the meaning. Read on to find out about how to choose a diamond for your engagement ring that is conflict-free.

What are Conflict Diamonds?

The term conflict diamond first surfaced in a 1998 report titled "Rough Trade." This report exposed the link between the diamond mining business and wars in Africa. Any diamonds mined in a war zone are now considered conflict diamonds, with their sales being used to fund wars, particularly in Sierra Leone, the Ivory Coast and Angola.

The Kimberly Process Certification Scheme

The United Nations created the Kimberly Process in 2002 in order to identify and certify diamonds entering the United States. Every conflict-free diamond that has entered the country since 2002 will be accompanied by the certificate, which your jeweler will be able to show you. Many jewelry stores only sell Kimberly Process diamonds, but be sure to ask your jeweler for the certificate for verification.

The Kimberly Process has resulted in a dramatic and positive effect on countries in Africa that previously relied on conflict diamonds. These poverty-stricken countries are now able to sell far more diamonds legally, than with the previous war-related mining operations. The result is an amazing turnaround in improved heathcare, orphan care and better HIV testing in these desperately poor countries. Thanks to the Kimberly Process, some 99% of all diamonds sold in the world now are conflict-free.

Finding Conflict-Free Diamonds

Some countries have always allowed only conflict-free diamonds to cross their borders, namely Canada, Russia, Australia and others. It's important to ask to see the Kimberly Process Certificate, which tracks your diamond from mine to store. Conflict-free diamonds should not be more difficult to find or expensive.

Many couples choose vintage stones for their rings, and these older stones will likely not have the Kimberly Process certification. However, you should keep in mind that the vintage stone you may be considering won't benefit any current conflict, since you are not the first owner. Additionally, you can take pride in allowing your ring to be a symbol of your desire to be earth friendly by reusing and recycling a diamond.


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